It's About Your Health

Organicleaning Co., LLC is a professional cleaning service grounded on healthier environments concept. We believe in improving indoor space in which we work and live better and safer. Not just for our clients as well as for our ambassadors. Everyone deserves a healthy environment, where they live or work.

Veronica Tamayo an experienced and enthusiastic entrepreneur was one of the founders of the company based out of Metro Atlanta, with 10 years of experience in professional cleaning; ORGANICLEANING CO. comes to you to ease your way of life. 

What if the environment in which you worked or lived in,

also works to improve your health?

According to the EPA, the average person spends 90% of their time indoors whether it’s at home or at work, where the indoor air quality normally is 2x-5x more polluted than the air outdoors.


Our cleaning ambassadors are carefully trained and insured to handle cleaning and maintenance services. Ultimately, we are driven to truly purify indoor environments and to improve and protect the wellness of our clients.


We envision to be the healthiest cleaning service, striving to create pollution-free environments.


Our aim is to offer to our clients the healthiest environment we can.

core values

  • Live Healthier

  • Team-work Driven 

  • Environmentally Conscious


Create a positive impact on our client's lives and the environment with the use of indoor plants. 

Organicleaning Co.

Your cleaning services company in North Georgia. We use indoor plants and natural cleaning solutions to improve indoor air quality. Our cleaning ambassadors are carefully trained, bonded and insured to handle cleaning and maintenance services.

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