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We provides cleaning services that help commercial offices and multi-family properties maintain healthy spaces for their residents & employees.

Certified, Licensed, Bonded & Insured 

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EPA Certified Cleaning Solutions 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed 

Greenbuild Atlanta by The Green Building Council

Experience a healthier cleaning service in commercial space. 

Clean is the way we do business.

At Organicleaning Co., it’s simple. We want to help you create a healthier, cleaner workplace. From Booking A Consultation, to, to increase on your ROI. , to complete routine cleaning, to green consulting. Ourbclear, modern green cleaning methods have been shown to

  • IMPROVE indoor air quality

  • INCREASE overall wellness

  • QUALIFY for LEED Credits and more. 

See how we do it.

What if the environment in which you worked in, also works to improve your health?

That is the experience enjoyed by Organicleaning Co. services. Our cleaning service offering green spaces. Using indoor plants as a tool to create improved indoor environments.

Organicleaning Co. envisions meeting with standards set by The U.S Green Building Council in environmental design with indoor plants. Consult with us on how we can improve your work environment 


How can Organicleaning Co. help 



Office plants reduce employee sick time by 14% and improves work productivity and speed.

Gain Client Attraction

With landscaped areas, businesses have increased sales resulting from longer shopping occasions and retention in employees. 40% of people said having green design influenced their decisions.  



Indoor plants are able to reduce coughing by 37%, fatigue 30%, stuffy nose 28%, dry throat 24% and other symptoms. 



Healthier cleaning can contribute to a higher Return on Investment by playing an employee retention and businesses can charge more due to higher perceived quality. 

Improve Air Quality

Indoor plants and organic cleaning solutions can reduce airborne toxins and Bactria by 60%



Our air pruifiying servcies qualify for LEED credits and sound abatement's, material & resources, energy & Atmosphere and innovation operations.

According To The EPA: 

Indoor air quality is 2 to 5x worse than the air outside.

50% of illnesses are caused by aggravated indoor air quality.

Average American spends 90% of their time indoors.

Organicleaning Co.

Your cleaning services company in North Georgia. We use indoor plants and natural cleaning solutions to improve indoor air quality. Our cleaning ambassadors are carefully trained, bonded and insured to handle cleaning and maintenance services.

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