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Plant-based, natural cleaning solutions 

Healthier Residential Cleaning 

Did you know most people spend 90% of their lives indoors, where pollution can be up to 5x more concentrated than the air outside?

Residential Cleaning services use certified safe solutions to maintain and clean residential homes. Also, strategically uses indoor plants to naturally improve indoor air quality. 

Indoor plants have been shown to improve sleep, remove airborne toxins, reduce stress and anxiety and overall improve wellness.

Automate Airbnb Turnover Cleaning 

Serving Airbnb units in Atlanta, GA. Automate turnover cleaning for your guest. We understand how busy your day can get with work, meetings, bookings and deadlines. Organicleaning Co. offers hassle-free, affordable turnover cleaning.

The best part of our turnover cleaning services is booking online instantly! Arriving as early as the next day. It's time to automate your Airbnb business. Kickback and relax.


Commercial Cleaning 

A clean office is a mark of pride for business owners. We take an extra step in improving and maintaining indoor environments by cleaning with the highest standards. Understanding your environments unique needs, we work with business owners who'd want to increase employee productivity or bring client attraction.

With our innovated operations of cleaning and the use of indoor plants, Organicleaning Co. strives to qualify for commercial buildings with LEED credits, which is a green building certification program that recognizes best-in-class building strategies and practices. 

Organicleaning Co.

Your cleaning services company in North Georgia. We use indoor plants and natural cleaning solutions to improve indoor air quality. Our cleaning ambassadors are carefully trained, bonded and insured to handle cleaning and maintenance services.

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